I've participated in a lot of photography projects over the years in a quest to well document my family.  Overwhelm has always crept in to cramp creativity and joy when I've attempted the larger projects, so this year, I'm keeping it simple - a single portrait of my children, once each month. 

At the end of each year, I put together two books for our family collecting photographs from our year.  One is a big mish mash of iPhone snaps, a few from my DSLR (that both the kids and I take) and film photography, documenting not just our lives but the lives of our extended family and friends. 

The other book is a smaller, more simple collection.  It's just a handful of photographs that are a little bit extra special, just of us and our kiddies.  I print them into an album rather than a photo book, they're the books I know I'll squirrel away with when I'm older and my kiddies have flown our nest.  These are the kind of portraits that will go into this book.