Hear Her ROAR

This is simple for me ... I want to show women the strength of their own beauty.

A photo is a reflection of a spirit at a particular moment on a particular day.
— Carla Coulson

This is about the beauty of your spirit that manifests in your eyes, around your smile and across your face.  It’s about allowing me to show you the beauty of yourself that you’ve perhaps forgotten, ignored or tucked away.  It’s about rejuvenating- and celebrating- your love and respect for yourself.

I know I’m not alone when I think back on my younger years and wish I hadn’t felt so embarrassed/shy/annoyed at having my photograph taken, because of whatever
insecurity I felt at the time.  Now I just wish I had a photograph of myself from those years that showed my spirit and what it was that I was experiences, feeling, learning, doing for that season of life. 

HEAR HER ROAR is my mini mission to make sure women, like you, have beautiful photographs of themselves through all their seasons of life, that are more than only a good likeness, but reveal the essence of their spirit, the twinkle in their eye. 



Hear Her Roar sessions, are short and snappy - we book a thirty minute time frame and get to work making a portrait of you ... as you are right now.   It's short and snappy because we won't need multiple outfit changes or location changes, we just need one easy, perfect combination and both of us embracing the intention of our work and together we will make something beautiful. 

Hear Her Roar individual sessions are $275.  This includes a thorough pre consultation, a thirty minute session together, two 5x7 inch mated photographs of your choice with the duplicates of these also delivered as print ready files.

Want to make a day of it?  Bring a friend or two and let's have some real fun.  When you bring people to this session that you trust and who's company you enjoy, you will all not only have a wonderful afternoon, but your photographs will be that little bit more captivating with your own cheer squad present for your session.
Hear Her Roar group sessions are $180 each (minimum of two, maximum of five subjects) and include the same service and products as the individual session.

You are invited to purchase additional prints, or a thin volume of your portraits presented in a linen bound book.

If you'd like to book professional hair and make up for your session at an additional charge, please mention this when booking.

Let's hear you roar, ladies.  Click through to chat further, or book your session, HERE.

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