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It's my beautiful bestie's birthday today ... Happy Happy Birthday Ilona xx 

We've known each other for most of our lives and I still laugh the most with her. We are on the same page when it comes to the beautiful, intricate details of life and balance each other out in all the other stuff.  

My friend is sincere but sassy, inspired and traditional, loyal and fun, bold and driven, supportive and genuine in her friendship. And my husband loves her almost as much as I do! 

She's snuggled my newborn babies with so much affection, listens intently to their stories now they're not babies anymore, she makes herself at home in our home, she encourages my big dreams - and we dream big together. Our life is so much brighter with her in it. 

My birthday wish for her is that she is always, always surrounded by love and joy and loyalty and encouragement and celebration and sincerity. 

Apple Tarte Tatin, by Ilona...


We took these photographs a couple of years ago, at a time when she had found her strong, wonderful spark again and I can't tell you how happy I am that I stood in her kitchen with her and photographed it.  

I found my spark again too when I got these photographs back, I fell right back in love with film.  

Happiest of Birthdays my beautiful Lona, we love you lots and lots. xx  



Nikon F4 | Portra 400  

Schuring Family | Brisbane Family Photography

12 Months | 12 Families ... 2 of 12

Meet The Schuring family, one of my families participating in my Twelve Months Twelve Families project. It's so fun to start seeing this project really get underway! 

Family sessions are the core of my business, the work that I love spending the bulk of my time doing, but that doesn't always mean it's easy. Millie - usually a massive fan of having her photo taken - was not into it the afternoon of our session. We were having trouble leaving their house in fact. In that situation there are two options ... 1. negotiate with a young child who doesn't want to hear any of it, or 2. go to the park and let them play until they were happy to chat about photos. Option 2 is always a winner, and it wasn't long until Millie was super keen to get in front my camera.  

We moved a little way down the park to make these really fun family photos, photos full of all of their crazy, their laughter, their snuggles and their cheekiness.  

The girls were a hoot and completely embraced the 'have fun' direction I gave them! It absolutely makes my job that much easier when the kids are comfortable enough to be themselves, it makes the afternoon easier for mum and dad too! 

Thanks so much for signing up to the project Libby! It was so great to photograph your family and spend an afternoon photographing all of the love you're so clearly surrounded by. xx


Click through to the contact page to get in touch to chat about a session like this for your family. 


Pentax 645n  +  Portra 400

Nikon F4  +  Acros & Fuji Superia 20

May, Photo-A-Day Project | Brisbane Family Photographer

On a whim, I decided to load a roll of black and white film (Acros 100) into my grandad's old Pentax K1000 and work on a photo-a-day project for the month of May of life at our home.  What I didn't account for were the winter daylight hours - or lack thereof!  So while I love the film stock, it wasn't the best choice for indoor work with very limited light, or artificial light, so I rated it at 200 ISO and had it pushed once in processing - for those film users following along ;-) 

The results aren't breathtaking, there are a lot where I would have liked to have made different choices, but they are exactly what our life looked like ... some days the thought would hit that we all wouldn't be home before dark that night so I'd run for the camera to snap whatever was happening right then before we had to all dash out of the house for the day.  I didn't take a photo on all 31 days either, there are three days when I forgot to take a photo, which is disappointing, but sometimes the chaos of our day won. 

What they are to me though, is precious.  I tried to remain mindful of the tiny little habits the children have that I wanted to have documented that aren't usually the 'pretty' things that I seek out.  So there are photos here of teeth brushing, getting dressed, tv watching, crushed ice munching, lots of exhausted afternoons, weekend chores, meal time, craft time, dinosaur everything - and for the last day of May when I completely forgot the project, bedtime, which usually looks like this - one in our bed and one on a mattress on the floor! 

I'll print this little project into a small photo book, and I'm already thinking about doing the same project as we head back into summer at the end of the year. 

How are you going with your photo projects this year?  I'd love to hearxx

Tiffany & Nicholas . A Love Story | Brisbane Engagement Photography

Tiffany is a gem, a true treasure I kept from my time at a past job.  Tiffany is a rare woman, she is insightful, empathetic, strong, capable and so grown up. She's younger than me in years but oh so much wiser - a wise and gentle soul, I count myself lucky that our paths crossed in life.  Now though instead of leftovers and a rushed chat in the lunch room, we indulge in long rambling lunches in pretty locations, not a clock to be watched. 

Tiffany announced her engagement to Nick recently, and confirmed with me that I don't photograph weddings - I was quick to confirm that I do not, because Tiff had joked previously about a 'big fat Greek wedding' and the pressure to deliver on a wonderfully full, traditional event like that was unnerving, however once she revealed that they'd chosen a smaller island wedding in Fiji, well, you'll see me on the plane there next year!  Before all of that though, we met to work on some engagement-come-Love Manifesto photographs. 

It was the first time I'd met Nick, and while we spoke about the plans for their wedding, his quiet adoration and constant support of his fiancé won me over.  It's plain to see how much his focus is on keeping that beautiful smile fixed firmly on her face.  Tiffany is equally as adoring of him, and softens ever so slightly, and falls into place right at his side, looking forward as absolute equals towards their exciting future. 

Young love that is clearly, true and complete love, is such a gift.  To know your many years ahead will be spent together on his or her team, with each other's best interests as well as your family's as your mutual focus, is equal parts secure and so freeing. 

The last light of sunset on an autumn afternoon in Daisy Hill Forest.

Pentax 645n|  Portra 400 and Ilford 3200

Mother's Day

For as long as I can remember, the only thing I ever wanted to be when I grew up, was a mama. Alongside that were everchanging career dreams of primary school teacher, midwife, architect, neonatal peadetrician (yep!), writer, nanny, crafter, graphic designer, baker, photographer and ever it will continue, I'm sure.

The dream of becoming a mother was something I could physically feel inside of me, ebbing and flowing between a calm knowing and fierce, impatient and perhaps fearful, desire. 

As with most mamas, when I was pregnant with our first, I just knew. I was excited but not surprised by the two pink lines on the pregnancy test. I adored every minute of my pregnancies - we'll, to be fair, 8 months pregnant in summer is no treat! - and even smiled through my contractions because I knew that with c-sections looming, it was a gift to experience them. Breastfeeding them was physically and emotionally hard work for the first six to eight weeks and then ... I adored every moment. My goodness that experience has been irreplaceable, and I'm sure healed those c-section disappointments more than I gave it credit for at the time. 

Mothering them has been the easiest thing I have ever done in my life. Not because parenting them is always easy, but because they are and always will be the most important and precious people in my life.  Daily my heart swells with pride and adoration for them both, and every time the intensity of it catches me by surprise. And I know I'm not done having babies, even if we have another, I'm sure I'll never feel 'done'. 

Becoming a mother has changed who I am in more ways than I can count. I've learnt things about myself I didn't know before them - my patience wears thin quickly, I'm not as selfless with my time as I'd imagined I'd be and, I guard unbroken hours of sleep like the piles of gold and jewels that it is. I am more in tune with life, have gained more sensitivity and awareness, embraced my inner hippie (and my outer hippys ;)  I understand more than ever that we are all just doing our best, so while my choices in pregnancy, birth, feeding and raising children are passionate and I will advocate for them to no end, they are mine, for me and I support yours as just as equally, regardless of how they differ. Surprisingly though, alongside becoming more sensitive to others, I've become more sensitive to myself. Thank the universe, for it has taken some time. 

Today on Mother's Day, I told my husband that I would not be traipsing all over the countryside to see our respective mother's like we do every year, the children and I would be staying home, he was free to join us. And he has. This decision came with so much guilt and angst, but it has come with so much peace for myself. Aside from writing this (next to my son while he naps), I've ignored the chores and the 'should do's' and have played with my children. All day. I've been on the verge of tears more times than I can count. I know it's a 'hallmark card' holiday, but it's my hallmark card holiday and I've missed celebrating it for myself these passed six years that I can claim it as mine. Today has been a gift from myself, to myself, surrounded by the people I love most, bunkered down in our little home together. 


We co-sleep. My nights haven't looked like this since I sleepily asked my husband to snap this photo. It's either one or the other with one or the other of us.   But as I stirred awake, I had a cold sweat over the thought of - what if this is the last time they both fall asleep with me, all three of us snuggled up?! I asked for the photo, he looked confused, took the photo, he put my phone down and I went back to sleep with my little love hearts.   Bliss. Absolute and pure.  

We co-sleep. My nights haven't looked like this since I sleepily asked my husband to snap this photo. It's either one or the other with one or the other of us.

But as I stirred awake, I had a cold sweat over the thought of - what if this is the last time they both fall asleep with me, all three of us snuggled up?! I asked for the photo, he looked confused, took the photo, he put my phone down and I went back to sleep with my little love hearts. 

Bliss. Absolute and pure.  

Welcome Madison Lee

My lovely friend Candice recently welcomed her first daughter ... making her sweet little family now a beautiful FIVE.  I photographed her family just five short days after Madison was born, which was perfect because all she was interested in was eating and sleeping and was phased when her adoring big brothers fussed over her. 

Candice is a warm, easy going and light hearted mama to her beautiful babies.  If she felt flustered during my visit, I couldn't tell.  She easily comforted one child while tending to the needs of another all while cradling her sweet girl in her arms.  Candice told me how Madison immediately fell into place within their family, how even after only five short days that they couldn't imagine life without her in it.  Just as it should be. 

Babies are always, always a blessing, and I think should be welcomed into a family just the way beautiful Madison has been - with open arms, hearts full of adoration and celebration at her arrival.  These four are certainly smitten with their new family member, she will never be short of a cuddle, a soothing voice or barrels of fun when she's old enough to run around with her brothers.  What a lucky little lady indeed!

When I asked Candice if I could share a few photographs from their session on my website and blog, she hesitated a moment, which sometimes happens and is always respected.  Sharing my work online is important to keep my business going, to show my work as it evolves and grows, to show off the beautiful people I am invited to photograph - and I am always grateful when clients allow me to share their memories.  But they're just that, these photographs belong to my clients more than they do me, so if a client feels strongly about keep their photographs offline, I'm happy to oblige. 

Candice did agree to allow me to share her photographs, but with the caveat that I only share a handful.  This beautiful mama bird wants to share only a glimpse at her session - and her brand new party of five - with the world, she wants to keep the rest of them to herself.  Which is absolutely perfect.  I'm grateful to have been invited into their home to document this precious season in their life.  Welcome Madixx

All photographs shot on Pentax 645n with Porta 400 (black and white have been converted after scanning the negatives).  Processed and scanned by AllChromes in Brisbane.

In home lifestyle sessions are a beautiful way to document your family.  A Full Service session is $400 (more information can be found here) and I am currently taking booking for June onwards.  Please call me on 0452 394 908 or email me at to book your session.