Milk Drunk Love Stories - Announcing our Nourish Sessions

Feeding a baby is pure delight! 
I have happy and vivid memories of spoon feeding mashed veggies into the synchronised mouths of our neighbours twins daughters when I was ten years old.  I'd race over there every afternoon after school and took every opportunity to care for them.  I have adored bottle feeding my nephews and nieces over the years, snuggling them up close to me, my focus on them, their focus on their milk, the noise and chatter around us fading away.  It's a sacredness I wasn't aware of until it came time to have my own children I delighted in breastfeeding them both beyond their first birthdays.  A lot of hard work goes into learning to feed your baby, those early days and weeks can be especially difficult and demanding.  But all of a sudden it becomes easier - wounds begin to heal, the feeds spread apart, you and your baby begin to work as a team and feeding them becomes such a joy.  Happy days!

My sweet friend Candice asked me to make some photographs of her feeding her delightful second son, Luca.  She cherishes those moments, and knows that at eight months old these days wont last forever.  I was thrilled that she asked.  Thrilled!  It's always something I offer mamas during photography session, but only two have ever taken me up on the offer.  To devote an entire session to documenting their feeding story was pretty special.  Watching Luca burry his face into his mother's chest, nuzzling about for his milk made my heartache with the not-so-distant flashback to when that was me, I wish I'd had feeding photographs taken myself.

Candice and I both were emotional over viewing her collection of photographs and it got me thinking ... a mother's feeding journey is one of intimacy, it bonds mother and baba no matter the method used.  This time is fleeting and it is something to be celebrated and to be cherished.  So, let's do just that!  Let's document your  feeding story, no matter the road you're travelling, if you're feeding your baby milk - I'm talking to you  ;-)

Let me introduce the Nourish - Milk Drunk Love Stories sessions. 

Here's how they'll work:
We'll make a time in the morning before your baby's first feed, we'll find a comfortable spot in your home, and you'll feed your baby while I quietly document this moment.  It's a simple as that.  In place of the usual proof viewing and ordering session, you'll receive your collection of photographs from your Nourish session presented in a 6x6 inch book as a precious keepsake.  In celebration of this launch, I'm asking you to nominate a mama you'd like to gift a session to, and I'll choose a nomination by random before December 10th 2014.  Just leave their name in the comments of this blog post, or on the social media post. 


To discuss your Nourish session in more detail, please contact me, I'd love to hear your story.

Renee xx