A New Baby in the Family

My husband's brother and our sister-in-law are expecting their first baby any day now. We're all eagerly awaiting this lovely little ones entrance into the world and into our family. He or she has a gaggle of cousins ready and eager to play with. They have decided to not find out the baby's gender - my favourite kind of surprise - so the wait for this babe is extra exciting. 

With a little over three weeks to her due date, Tania and I met one Sunday afternoon along the banks of the Brisbane river to make a few photographs of her beautiful pregnant belly.   Here are a few of our favourites. 

our new niece or nephew

Hasn't she got a beautiful pregnant belly?  I'll admit to sneaking a fair few belly rubs to feel their little one kick and wiggle around.  Now we all just play the waiting game for a few days longer, no one more so than mama and daddy to be. 


Renee x