Happy Second Birthday HJO

Perhaps it was because I had a two week old sleeping on the floor next to us while we worked and because I was in that thick newborn fog - that which is so delightful, so otherworldly, so intimate.  

Perhaps it was because I didn't have the energy to think of making this more than it needed to be, there is so much beauty in less is more.  

Or perhaps it's because this gem of a woman has become like a sister to me.   Who once our session was complete, snuggled my sleeping little man on top of the swollen belly holding her little man for hours while we drank tea and nattered away. 


Whatever the case may be, I come back to these photographs over and over.  They speak to my soulful, feminine, earth mama heart. They're more than just a beautiful pregnancy portrait.  

Whatever the case may be, I have never created such an intimate set of pregnancy portraits before, or since.  

Whatever the case may be, this beautifully in-full-bloom woman birthed the sweetest of boys with THE-BEST-DIMPLES-EVER like the champion that she is (I adore listening to her tell me her birth story).  Happy second birthday darling HJO, you're a superstar x  Well done mama x 

The photograph below is, hands down, without a doubt my favorite pregnancy portrait I have ever made.