A Day Out at the Farm

About a month ago, we took the kids out to Serendipity Farm in gorgeous Upper Brookfield.  These little day trips are the kind of thing we want to do more of with our kiddies - pack up the car and head out to discover some lovely little gem in Brisbane, just like this. 

Serendipity is a not-for-profit rescue centre for farm animals, such as a herd of hungry, outgoing goats, sheep, alpaca, pigs, ponies, chickens, ducks and gorgeous Lagertha the camel.  What a gorgeous lady she is.  The kids loved feeding her carrots (though one was considerably more keen than the other ;-) and each time we went off for a walk around the farm, we'd find ourselves back with Lagertha. 

There is no entry fee to visit Serendipity, but cash donations are greatly appreciated, as are donations of food for the animals - we took a bag of carrots and quickly made friends with the goats!  The farm is open Sundays from 10-2, pending weather, and some school holidays.  They also operate a mobile animal farm - check out their Facebook page, HERE for more information and to enquire about visiting the centre.

Film nerd note ... on a day out like this I'd usually rely on my iPhone for photos, but I had been keen to test Kodak's Ektar in the full midday sun, and this seemed like the perfection opportunity.  I'm super happy with the results, and will be keeping a stock of it on hand in future.

Nikon F4  |  35mm Kodak Ektar