Twelve Months Twelve Families

For 2016, I've set myself a few different projects to document the year - both personally and professionally.  I'll introduce all of the projects over time, but first up is my Twelve Months Twelve Families project for business.  I'm looking for twelve families to showcase for each month of the year, and after a quick Facebook announcement I have already accepted a handful of families for this project, but would like to lock down my twelve families for the year, before the end of January.

The gist of the project is this ... I ask for you to allow me to photograph you in the way I envisage, which means I want to get to know you and your family a little before hand so we can keep our focus on connection instead of posing.  It also means I'd like to influence the manner in which you style your family for your session while still keeping the look inside your own personal style bounds, as well as come to a mutual agreement on a location that both suits your family dynamic and gives the project some diversity.  In exchange for all of that, and your signing permission for me to use your photographs and words throughout the project and my website, you'll receive three print-sized digital negative files of your choice and the opportunity to purchase additional photographs and products at 25% off the full price. 

My reasons for this are two-fold, 1: a project keeps my momentum going and gives a focus to a period of time.  2: I want to flesh out my portfolio with the kind of work that makes my heart happy which in turn reflects my business and artistic pursuits more accurately.  Bonus reason - I really hope to meet some wonderful people throughout the year. 

If you'd like to hear more, or have some questions, please click through to the contact page or email me I'd really love to chat further with you about this project and your involvement.  Please share it around your South East Queensland friends and family too, the more the merrier! 

A note on my definition of family... for me it means sharing your life with another person/s.  Full stop.  I'd love to represent that definition of family to it's fullest, in all the beautiful forms we experience it in.  I'm looking for diversity here.  Brand new families or well established families, same sex or opposite sex families, blended families, one parent or two, conventional families, alternative families ... I want to hear from you all with the only common factor being genuine connectedness and loving respect.   Let's chat ...!