What's in store for 2016...

Leading into this new year, I decided to spend some time thinking about not only what I wanted to achieve in business - and how that aligned with my family life - but also what my current and future clients wanted from their experience working with me.  I also added in a few extra 'fun-to-haves' that I'm so looking forward to rolling out over the next few months. 

In addition to my 12 Months, 12 Families project, my other business project for 2016 is '366 Faces'.  I guess it's more of a goal really, I'd like to photograph 366 different faces before 2016 wraps up.  And it's a goal that really excites me - if you're reading this, I hope you'll be one of them!

I'll also be adding two more specialised session options, Love Manifestos - which are your intimate love story told in both your words and my photographs then collated and presented in a custom made book.  This session has my heart.  It means so much to me and to the couples I've worked with to date.  Appropriately (or perhaps, a happy cliché?) I'll be launching this session properly on Valentine's Day. 
The other is Hear Her Roar.  This is simple for me, I want to show women the strength of their own beauty.  When we're busy with life, bogged down in routine and schedules, when we're aging, when we're taking care of everyone else and stretching ourselves too thin it's so easy to forget ourselves and our unique, astounding and individual beauty.  I'm going to be on a mini mission to give you a moment to revel in your own lovely self, and make a beautiful photograph of you, for you. I'll launch this session offering in March. 

The biggest thing for me personally, is that I have now decided to offer print-sized digital files as a product option when ordering from your session.  It's personal for me because I very sincerely believe that a photograph isn't a photograph until it's printed.  So I've never offered the option of the intangible digital file before, it seems too fragile to me and in my personal opinion, completely defeats the purpose of having photographs taken.  BUT I also know how important it is for some people to have those digital files in their possession and because I believe that these photographs are ours, I will respect that need.  It doesn't mean you'll walk away empty handed though, if you opt for my DIY session, you'll walk away with your digital files and a full set of 6x4 proof prints in a beautiful wooden box.  I think it's a great option to keep everyone happy.  My usual session remains, with an order credit factored into the fee of which you can spend as you see fit, including digital files - be it the full set or an individual file. 

Lots happening, and I can't wait to get stuck into it! 

If you want to hear more about one of the new session offerings, if you want to be one of my 366 FACES for 2016 and help me reach this fun goal, or if you want to book a DIY session to nab that set of digital files, I'd love to hear from you! 

Tell me, what do you have in store for 2016?

Renee x