52 Project - 5.52

This week was one of those weeks when I felt like I did a bit better job at being the kind of mama I would want to be every single day. Slower days, mornings spent painting with water colours, fresh pikelets made for morning tea, cold ice blocks on the trampoline in the afternoon, less shouting, more cuddles and sitting on the floor with them, waiting longer until we got out of our pyjamas. And best of all, laying down with them both in our bed for their midday nap. Bliss! 

This is their thing right now, cups of crushed ice while sitting down to watch a kids movie, they crunch on it all day long (they get that from me ;). And they ask for it first thing in the morning too. 

She is understanding the concept of using watercolours more and more. She is taking her time to mix the water into the paint to a consistency she likes before she paints. Watching her assess the brush before dipping into the water and paint again, or touching it to the paper gives me such joy. 

He must be doing what she is doing, so I set up wet watercolours for him. He is becoming more deliberate in what he marks on the paper and where, and knows when it's finished without drowning the page in paint as he's done previously. This masterpiece is up on the wall.