Lovely Little Abel

Being invited into the home of a family to photograph their days old baby is such a special honour. Every time. Those days are filled with more than you could ever imagine before experiencing it first hand - there is so much to learn about your new baby, how to feed, bath, dress, wrap, rock, soothe, swaddle. Then there are things like manoeuvring them into their seemingly too-big car seat or pram, or learning to babywear. On top of physical recovery for mum, sleepless nights (and days), visitors and your usual routine. It's a lot. It's beautiful. And it can be overwhelming. Being asked to step into those days and document them is precious.

(Before you meet Abel, here is Kristie's pregnancy session if you've missed it)

Meeting sweet, ten day old Abel was, of course, no exception. We were treating his session in a very documentary style which seemed to suit him well.  His parents had sent me a few, more posed ideas they'd like to try for during our session, though Abel would have none of that.  He was most content when he was being held, fed or swaddled, just as life should be when you're not long out of the cocoon of mama's tummy.

These guys have got this parenting stuff nailed!  I can remember those early days with our two and I can only hope that we managed as well and with such obvious joy.  One thing I do remember well from our early days is how my husband did all that he could so that I only had to focus on recovery, resting and making sure both our baby and I were well fed. I saw the same in Jay as he took charge of nappy changes, dressing, swaddling and settling to allow Kristie to focus on feeding Abel, and having a snack or two. Daddies are pretty awesome. 

Dear Abel is such a lucky little boy, as are his parents - look how much their home has been filled with love. x