52 Project - 7.52

When I write a little text to go with my blog post each week, I have the 'I want to remember' prompt in my mind.  It's usually something about the stage of their young lives, what they're doing right now.  This week though, it's very literal and very specific.  I want to remember this morning.  Last Sunday morning.  We were pottering around in the back yard in the early morning, Chris was watering some plants with the hose, which leaks at the tap link.  Jameson knows this, and if you know him, he knows water is his thing.  So rather than compete for the nozzle of the hose, he hangs around the tap and plays with the drips and the eventual puddle that grows at his feet.  Both kiddies were in their pyjamas and they both got soaked.  Chris was finished with the hose so we disconnected it, stripped the kids out of their wet pyjamas and turned the tap on to a slow dribble.  They were out their for an hour splashing, filling, pouring, tipping, running, laughing.  I did my best not to intervene and observed quietly and only made them come inside for a warm bubble bath when I could see them shivering.  They were in heaven, as was I. 

These photographs are not the best of the bunch, but they're the only ones I'm willing to put online  ;-)  The colour, full length versions are fabulous - I'm only sorry I didn't have my film camera loaded because they would have been something else!   I'm tempted to make a small book just from this morning outside, because it was perfection.