52 Project - 6.52

We've had a rough week, our little man was sick for most of it which meant a lot of snuggling, quiet activities, napping and lots of restless nights.  He's come good again now so he's back to his usual tornado-of-destruction self while mama tries, in vain, to catch up on sleep. 

She doesn't nap every day anymore, when she does I see a glimpse of the same newborn face that slept on my chest all those years ago.  This week was hard for her, a slow rest-filled week is no fun when you're well, but it's equally no fun if you go to kindy while your sick brother stays at home. My poor darling girl. 

He was so sick all week, we spent most of our time cuddled up together, resting and negotiating panadol delivery as his fever rose again. He was determined to play in the windows of time when he felt well enough so most of our time was spent on the floor making award-winning duplo constructions, learning to roll balls (as opposed to throwing them in the house) and racing cars. 


I'm sneaking in two photographs of the two of them this week, one from a morning at the park yesterday - she loved being big enough to push him on the swings and apparently having her push him was far more entertaining than mama or dada doing it.   

The other is from a rare moment of them playing quietly, side by side in their playroom during our sick week. (This is far prettier in colour but I've unintentionally committed to a black and white project, so black and white it will be ;)