Waiting for Baby Potter

Third time was a charm for this session - a rainy afternoon one week then tropical cyclone Marcia the next proved that Mother Nature rules all - especially in Queensland at Summer time :) And it turns out that Mother Nature knows best because without these delays Megan and I would never have connected with the lovely Deanna who made the carefully considered florals for this session. 

Megan was a little undecided about having pregnant portraits taken initially, but clearly, I managed to convince her otherwise. Thankfully ... have a look at that beautiful first-time-mama glow beaming from her.  It's glorious. 
We began early on a Sunday morning with this pretty portrait session before heading back home for a few cozy photographs in Megan and Michael's bedroom, along with their sweet and very friendly fur babies, Poppy and Harry.

Megan is such an easy going person - cheery and optimistic, confident in the most endearing of ways, always up for a chat and a laugh - and of course this session was no different.  She was so natural and comfortable in front of my cameras which means we finished up before the day got too warm or before we got carried away by mosquitos!  
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Are you wondering about the beautiful floral crown Megan is wearing?  The crown was custom made by Deanna at Distinctive Blooms (click here to take a look at more of Deanna's floral work online, Facebook and Instagram too).  When I approached Deanna about creating a floral piece for Megan's portraits, she asked me a few questions about Megan, what she would be wearing and what style of session it was for.  She then responded with this:  "I like to use flowers for their meaning as well as their form and beauty. 
The flower meanings are:
Carnation - Endearment and Beauty.  They also symbolize a mother's love.
Peach & Pink Roses - Love.  The colour peach for appreciation, pink rosebuds for new love. 
Fern Leaves - Sincerity
Rosemary - Remembrance
Lavender - Grace
Gum - Protection
The crown, as you can see, was stunning and absolutely perfect for Megan. 

A true hybrid session, I photographed Megan mostly with colour film and a few with my digital camera.  The following few photographs were made with traditional black and white film.  I had half a roll left in a camera from some personal work and quickly fired off the last of the frames at the beginning of Megan's portrait session.  They're some of my favourite photographs from this session, and from my career.  I'll definitely be using it more in future. 


Little baby Potter will be Megan and Michael's first. This darling baby has a set of chilled, easy going parents waiting to meet her, such a great starting point as first time parents!   I'm so looking forward to meeting Baby Potter and making some special newborn and family photographs.  Perhaps I'll sneak a few snuggles too  x

Megan is a busy woman, she is a Personal Stylist in Brisbane and co-authors a fun blog, Chaotic Favourites.  Click here to learn more about her work as a stylist and here to read her blog.  You can also connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.  Do your bit to support another Brisbane small business and go check out Megan and Deanna's work  xx