Baking Baby Barton

This pregnancy session has been over a decade in the making.  Sounds a bit dramatic right, but you read correctly - without embellishment - a decade. Although we almost never met, Renee and I did meet at work (very small business, the same name, potentially too confusing for clients) all those years ago.  I distinctly remember one Friday night, we were having work drinks at The Bowery in The Valley (oh I feel old now ;) when Renee, Kaine and I chatted about how 'one day' I would photograph their journey to becoming parents.  We haven't worked together for years but through the wonder of social media, we've kept in touch. And now, I'm photographing their pregnancy portraits. Wow. I can't get over how awesome that is to me. They were there at the beginning, believing in this dream that I spoke to them about, and now they're here, in front of my camera when I feel like I've finally hit my groove and they're getting my best. 

These guys live life so well. They have clearly defined vision for their future and purposeful goals to tick off on their way. It's brilliant to watch from the sidelines cheering them on.  You know they're going to go into this unpredictable parenting gig with their eyes wide open, hold the importance of their roles close to their hearts and have a heck of a lot of fun and adventure through it all.   You can take a little peek into some of their fun on their YouTube channel - including the gorgeous way they delivered the new they were expecting to the world. 

We have planned another pregnancy session in their home closer to their due date when Renee's tummy will be round and swollen with this little life, so this is just the beginning.  Then we'll meet again when their precious little bundle has been born.  I can't wait to sit on the sidelines of this chapter in their life and cheer them on just as loudly. 

We'd booked in this pregnancy session for last Saturday. Those of you living in Brisbane will remember the torrential downpour and stormy days we had, but these guys weren't phased so we changed locations and started a little earlier than planned. This is New Farm Park, in Brisbane, on a Saturday afternoon in near summer, and it was almost deserted. I have never seen this park this empty, so with the gorgeous soft light of a very overcast afternoon, we relished in the peacefulness and worked where we pleased, without distraction. It was beautiful, and definitely worth pushing ahead and trusting the skies would let up for a short while. 

A few mentions here - Renee's floral head piece was once again made by Distinctive Blooms, sensational work again Deanna, thank you.   And because I've already been asked about it, Renee's gorgeous gown can be found online, here.  xx