Baby Beau - A First Days Session

Sweet little baby Beau was barely two days old when his mama invited me to photograph them together in the First Days in hospital after he was born.  

His lovely mum, Mel, waited until I got to the hospital to give him a bath - he wasn't a fan at all, and to give him a feed - big fan! 

Little Beau is supermum Mel's fifth baby, and as you would imagine she was cool as a cucumber when it came to this parenting stuff (enjoying the peace and quiet of her stay in hospital ;-)  and just as smitten as a first time mama.  She couldn't get enough of her sweet boy - it was a true honour in be in that room with them to document a little piece of the very beginning of Beau's life and his mama's adoration.  


Mel and I met through a recent model callout on my Facebook page for these special First Days sessions, there was a fair bit of interest - I'm excited to be doing more of these sessions over the next month or so.