52 Project - 15.52

I thought I'd attempt a portrait of both the kids this week ... One out of two ain't bad ;)  

This week also culminates in a little piece of the digital workflow clicking for me. Film well and truly has my heart, but for some work - and projects like this - it's really not practical. Finding a way for my digital work to look and feel a teensy bit more like my film work has been a welcome moment. 


She is a little bit more of a mama's girl again this week - I love it. She is crazy for practicing letters, asking endless questions about lots of little details and helping out as much as possible. She has also been asking for two little sisters ... 


He has been sleeping more soundly, but still waking as frequently. The more restful sleep seems to have mellowed him out through the days and he's easier to wrangle. A little - the cheekiness has remained. He and his sister are playing kindly together, but like any proper little brother he takes any opportunity to chase her, or spray her with water ;)