Beautiful Baby Finbar

"It is in the shelter of each other that people live"  

I met Beautiful Baby Finbar and his happy parents at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital a mere 24 hours after his birth on April Fool's for a First Days session.  For someone so new to the world, Finbar was such a content little man, being passed between both adoring visitors and medical visitors, as well as mum and dad.  This new little family was preparing to head home that same day so their hospital room was a hive of activity, but he took it all in his stride. 

Meeting Jannette and Ricky was such a treat, they welcomed me like an old friend as soon as I walked in the door.  Dad was clearly on cloud nine, especially considering he made the birth by the skin of his teeth, and mama was proud as punch of her beautiful son and busting to get her little family of three tucked in at home.  This weekend Finbar will head home to Ireland to meet his extended family, he'd better prepare those gorgeous chubby cheeks for lots of loving kisses, they're irresistible. 

Finbar is the name of a great uncle who was also born April Fools, as well as his uncle Barry.  (The anglicised shortened version of Finbar, is Barry).  A beautiful tribute to family on both sides and such a wonderfully strong name.  He wears it well, don't you think.

Can you tell Finar's parents are besotted?  Through all of the people popping in and out of their room, through the conversations flowing back and forth, their eyes didn't wander far from their son.  It's an incredible privilege to be invited into these First Days in a new family's life and be asked to document it.  I walk away feeling lucky to bear witness to such intimate moments, it's such a special blessing.  These early days are a whirlwind.  A fog of exhaustion and euphoria.  And they're fleeting.  The more I document these days in life, the more I'm sure of the importance photographs like this hold in a family's history. 

The photograph below is my favourite moment from this day. 
Though Finbar took the morning in his very young stride, he'd reached his limit.  When he was passed back to his mama, he snuggled up on her chest and calmed.  Immediately.  Mama whispered soothing secrets to him and rubbed his back.  They both knew what was needed in that moment.