Baking Baby Barton v2.0

Because we weren't sure if Baby Barton was going to make a surprise early appearance, or not, we scheduled two pregnancy portrait sessions. The first one (you can see it here) was our gorgeous 'just in case' outdoor session and this second one was held when Renee was 35 weeks along. The theme of this session was to be a little more intimate, so we held it in Renee and Kaine's home and we worked to well-document Renee's round, swollen tum. 

Renee has a gorgeous pregnant figure and she proudly showed it off for these photographs. I do love when a mama-to-be is willing to be photographed like this, showing every beautiful detail of her pregnancy without the cloak of clothing to skim over it. In some of these photographs you will see how Renee's belly divets and changes shape as the little one inside stretched and kicked about. Such perfection. 

I'm going to post these photographs in two separate posts, because well, there's a lot!  And because I shot hybrid for this session (part 35mm film, part digital) I thought it would be great to post the separately.  The black and white film I used (Delta 3200 for those filmies interested) is particularly grainy and I used it on purpose (and shot it on my grandad's old camera!).  However beside a crisp digital photograph it would look quite out of place.  First of the bench, my favourite, the FILM!

Renee's gorgeous makeup courtesy of her lovely sister Lia, check out her Facebook Business page, here.