Nature Walk Sampler

To say our family has had a rough trot of it over the past month would be an understatement.  One drizzly day when we were all home together, Chris and Jameson took a nap, Georgina was bored and grumpy and I had some serious cabin fever and needed to shake the cobwebs off.

I packed a bag of my film camera, my digital camera, some snacks and water and off we both went on a little nature/photo walk. I figured a walk with a little project in mind rather than just heading to the park might do us both some good. I told her about my project, to photograph a variety of pretty green things along the way, and she decided hers would be 'yellow things', though she wasn't happy when I told her it wouldn't be polite to wander into our neighbors front gardens to take photos of their yellow flowers.

We haven't sat down together to go through her digital photos, so for now, these will have to do. My results from the project laid out as a little sampler. I limited my project to vertical oriented photographs (I had this sampler in mind) with a focus on the variety of greens around us now, and limited my available frames - just 15 remaining on the roll I had loaded in my camera. I fought my desire for a safety net and didn't bring another roll. Overall, I'm happy with these photographs - there's only one frame of each, I made do with the light on an overcast midday, whatever greenery we came across and tried not to overthink pressing the shutter on last frame. 

The end game with this work was a complete mini project, and to decide if I had enough photographs I was happy with to list a set of limited edition prints for sale. I'm not sure I'm there yet, but the lessons I learned on this project have me scheming up my next project...  

Fuji Superior 800 @640  

Fuji Superior 800 @640