Waiting on Baby Cleeland V2.0

Waiting for your second baby isn't any less anticipation-filled than your first.  In fact, it's kind of more so because you know how amazing it will feel to lock eyes with your new baby for the first time, to hold their naked little body against yours for the first time, and it's that sort of anticipation that has you eager for your little ones arrival to be more timely.

We met for this lovely family's pregnancy portraits at just days shy of the 39 week mark, two weeks ago and mama's tum looks much the same as I type this today.  So you understand just how eager they are for their little darling to be welcomed into their happy home.  Send all of your safe and healthy baby birthing vibes her way today:) 

This session felt like it was held at the eleventh hour.  Peta is a photographer herself (you can see her work here) and had another session lined up as well as taking a couple of self portraits just in case.  So I scooted from one side of Brisbane to the other, racing against peak hour traffic that I hadn't planned on, to make it in the nick of time.  We'd missed the illusive golden hour by moments - I had been willing the sun to hold it's position in the sky as I drove towards their house - still, we walked a block or two from their home to this gorgeous little creek side reserve.  What we both discovered was this brilliant afterglow that hung on after the sun had dipped below the horizon, it's incredibly pretty - I plan on making more use of it at outdoor sessions in the future! 

Thirty-nine weeks pregnant never looked so gorgeous.  This is the type of session I sit at my computer with and grin at while I'm downloading film scans (and a few digital snaps too ;-) ...  It's pretty, Peta is glowing (and looks especially stunning on film), it was quick, everyone involved were happy campers and it was easy.  Days like this don't feel like work. 

This little family is all about FUN!  So genuinely happy, easy to laugh and have fun with what the afternoon presented.  I'm looking forward to seeing how their newest family member adds even more of this to their life together, such a lucky little baby. 

Peta and I met online through a mutual friend (Hi Leanne! x) and of course found it easy to chat considering our mutual interest in photography as well as being in the same family-building season of life.  Meeting her and her two lovely boys in person though was even better.  I liked her online, but in person she was immediately warm spirited and contented in the best possible way, just like Dave and William - I'll be holding her to the offer of a cuppa and cake for our next catch up, and the best occupational hazard there is, brand new baby snuggles.  xx

This little man, ahh, had me wrapped around my little finger from the get go.  He was the right amount of cautious of me at first before realising we were going to have a fun afternoon and became the world's best little assistant ever.  The following three photographs sum up my afternoon with him.  So.  Much.  Fun.  He ran between me and his parents, using my light meter to fulfil his role as chief assistant, grinning, jumping, performing, posing the whole time.  He also gives a killer high-five if you ever have the opportunity.  He's going to be such a great big brother.  xx