Welcome Arleea Grace

And baby girl makes eight!
Arleea is a lucky little girl, she's been born into a family full of ready made friends, allies and her own personal cheer squad in life.  Arleeais the youngest of six, the littlest sister in a family bursting at the seams with the wonderful chaos that a bigger family brings.  Being invited into their home was a treat.  Sure it's a little noisy and busy, as you would expect, but it was brimming with life. 

Lots of laughter, chatter, playing together, managing disputes, tending to sleepy toddlers or a finger caught in the back door, a little person retreating to a quieter corner of the house when they needed their own space.  Through all of that, this little lady was peaceful and ever observant.  So peaceful when she was being snuggled by mama, and voicing her disapproval at being anywhere else. 


Mama, Arleea and I worked quietly in a corner of the house, while life in their family went on around us.  Little Braxton had just woken from his afternoon nap, and was stuck like glue to daddy.  Life's a bit rough when you're no longer the baby of the family.  The big kids were either outside on the trampoline, in their playroom or sneaking snacks.  I was lucky enough to have two gorgeous little helpers following me around, who not only let me take a snuggly photo of the two of them sitting on the window sill together, but invited me for a sleep over as I was packing to leave;-) 


When we stopped for Arleea to be fed, something really lovely happened.  (Lovely for me perhaps because I'm on the outside looking in, and I would love to add a baby or two more to our little family).  Mama sat on the couch and began feeding, and one by one the older children came quietly and gently to join her.  Seeing as almost everyone was in the same spot, I asked the others to join us.  It was quick, and just one frame, but I'm not-so-quietly high-fiving myself for this last photo of this lovely family all together.  Look at all that love squashed up on the couch together.   xx