Welcome Oliver

Meet gorgeous, bursting with chubba baby Oliver.  I invited myself over to Peta & Dave's place to meet Oliver when he was 10 days old, have a few snuggles to stave off the cluckiness and to take a few documentary style photographs of their family while I was there. 

Peta is a photographer herself, she creates beautiful posed newborn work (scroll to the bottom for a link to her work) but as a mama of two who both times attempted to photograph her own babies, I know how difficult it can be and how quickly time flies, especially when you have a busy toddler to care for at the same time. 

We sat in the kitchen for coffee and cake (never visit the home of a newborn without food ;-) while Peta & Dave filled me in on Oliver's arrival and how life has been since then.  William remembered me from their pregnancy portraits (here) and was instant buddies with me again, getting mama's spare camera out to assist me for the morning. 

Once everyone's tummies were full, we moved into the bedroom to attempt a family portrait - right before William's nap time.  For a little guy who was tired and had had a big few days welcoming baby brother, he did pretty well.

When daddy took William out for a nap, it was the Mama and Oliver show.  Just as it should be.  A mama of a newborn can never have too many photographs of herself just being mama to her tiny babe.  Life is busy, days slip by and mama is usually the one taking snap shots.  It's so important to keep mama in the picture!  It was plain to see how Peta was still riding a glorious high from her peaceful water birth at home, with Dave and William by her side through it all. 

Documentary sessions have my heart, especially when welcoming a new baby.  These are the moments you'll look back on with so much fondness - the 'everydayness' of life with the addition of something as special and enchanting as a brand new life. 

Hanging out with these guys was a joy.  Though we've only meet twice in person, they are easy-going, easy-to-laugh and so kind.  Can't wait to get back for another natter and bubba snuggles over their kitchen table x


As I mentioned earlier, Peta is a Brisbane based photographer too, with a focus on beautiful posed newborn work (you can check out Peta's work on Facebook, here), so while I was there for a visit, I suggested I could be Pete's extra pair of hands while she photographed Oliver in her own style.  We got a couple of frames and a pose or two out of him before he protested and it was time for milk again.  I couldn't resist snapping a frame from above Peta's pose ... all that gorgeous squish and soft roundness was irresistible!