Waiting on Baby Marsh | Brisbane Maternity Photographer

Meet my beautiful friend Angie ... we have been friends since we were twelve years old, beginning grade eight together - both sporting very high, unmoving fringes typical of the early 90s, and I'm sure I remember that Angie's was always far more impressive than mine.  We spent a lot of time after we finished high school too, especially around the years her eldest daughter, Crystal was born.  We haven't seen each other in person for years now, and the first thing I realised when we met up for these photographs, was that she has not changed a bit since our teen years.  Both in her gorgeous looks, and in her kind and easy-to-laugh nature. 

Her little man kept Angie and Tim waiting right to the very end of our hot and humid summer in Brisbane, and even choose a super special day to be born, he made his grand entrance on February 29th.  One thing is for absolute certain, life for this little man will be full of so much laughter and a heck of a lot of love, not just from his parents and his siblings, but from his extended family too, especially a great gaggle of cousins to grow up surrounded by to play with and guide him through his years. 

Here are a handful of the photographs we made late on a Sunday afternoon at the City Botanic Gardens in Brisbane.  Working through these photographs to choose the few I wanted to showcase for this blog post, I couldn't help but grin the whole time, the joy you can see on their faces here is almost as real as it is in person with these guys. 

Another thing Angie & Tim's little boy will have are two doting back up mums in his big sisters.  The parenting this little man will receive is evident in these genuinely lovely girls.  Most teenagers are a little aloof or uninterested in hanging out with their family during a photo session, and while they weren't super keen on having their photo taken together, they did without complaining though.  They might not believe me now, but one day when they're older I know they'll appreciate it as much as their mum does now. 

Thank you, Angie and Tim for asking me to photograph this really special time of your life, it was a genuine pleasure spending the afternoon with you.  I can't wait to meet and snuggle your little boy, and hope your days in the coming weeks are full of sleep, milk-fuelled naps and lots of visitors popping over to cook you dinnerxx