May, Photo-A-Day Project | Brisbane Family Photographer

On a whim, I decided to load a roll of black and white film (Acros 100) into my grandad's old Pentax K1000 and work on a photo-a-day project for the month of May of life at our home.  What I didn't account for were the winter daylight hours - or lack thereof!  So while I love the film stock, it wasn't the best choice for indoor work with very limited light, or artificial light, so I rated it at 200 ISO and had it pushed once in processing - for those film users following along ;-) 

The results aren't breathtaking, there are a lot where I would have liked to have made different choices, but they are exactly what our life looked like ... some days the thought would hit that we all wouldn't be home before dark that night so I'd run for the camera to snap whatever was happening right then before we had to all dash out of the house for the day.  I didn't take a photo on all 31 days either, there are three days when I forgot to take a photo, which is disappointing, but sometimes the chaos of our day won. 

What they are to me though, is precious.  I tried to remain mindful of the tiny little habits the children have that I wanted to have documented that aren't usually the 'pretty' things that I seek out.  So there are photos here of teeth brushing, getting dressed, tv watching, crushed ice munching, lots of exhausted afternoons, weekend chores, meal time, craft time, dinosaur everything - and for the last day of May when I completely forgot the project, bedtime, which usually looks like this - one in our bed and one on a mattress on the floor! 

I'll print this little project into a small photo book, and I'm already thinking about doing the same project as we head back into summer at the end of the year. 

How are you going with your photo projects this year?  I'd love to hearxx