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12 Months | 12 Families ... 2 of 12

Meet The Schuring family, one of my families participating in my Twelve Months Twelve Families project. It's so fun to start seeing this project really get underway! 

Family sessions are the core of my business, the work that I love spending the bulk of my time doing, but that doesn't always mean it's easy. Millie - usually a massive fan of having her photo taken - was not into it the afternoon of our session. We were having trouble leaving their house in fact. In that situation there are two options ... 1. negotiate with a young child who doesn't want to hear any of it, or 2. go to the park and let them play until they were happy to chat about photos. Option 2 is always a winner, and it wasn't long until Millie was super keen to get in front my camera.  

We moved a little way down the park to make these really fun family photos, photos full of all of their crazy, their laughter, their snuggles and their cheekiness.  

The girls were a hoot and completely embraced the 'have fun' direction I gave them! It absolutely makes my job that much easier when the kids are comfortable enough to be themselves, it makes the afternoon easier for mum and dad too! 

Thanks so much for signing up to the project Libby! It was so great to photograph your family and spend an afternoon photographing all of the love you're so clearly surrounded by. xx


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Pentax 645n  +  Portra 400

Nikon F4  +  Acros & Fuji Superia 20