Tiffany & Nicholas . A Love Story | Brisbane Engagement Photography

Tiffany is a gem, a true treasure I kept from my time at a past job.  Tiffany is a rare woman, she is insightful, empathetic, strong, capable and so grown up. She's younger than me in years but oh so much wiser - a wise and gentle soul, I count myself lucky that our paths crossed in life.  Now though instead of leftovers and a rushed chat in the lunch room, we indulge in long rambling lunches in pretty locations, not a clock to be watched. 

Tiffany announced her engagement to Nick recently, and confirmed with me that I don't photograph weddings - I was quick to confirm that I do not, because Tiff had joked previously about a 'big fat Greek wedding' and the pressure to deliver on a wonderfully full, traditional event like that was unnerving, however once she revealed that they'd chosen a smaller island wedding in Fiji, well, you'll see me on the plane there next year!  Before all of that though, we met to work on some engagement-come-Love Manifesto photographs. 

It was the first time I'd met Nick, and while we spoke about the plans for their wedding, his quiet adoration and constant support of his fiancé won me over.  It's plain to see how much his focus is on keeping that beautiful smile fixed firmly on her face.  Tiffany is equally as adoring of him, and softens ever so slightly, and falls into place right at his side, looking forward as absolute equals towards their exciting future. 

Young love that is clearly, true and complete love, is such a gift.  To know your many years ahead will be spent together on his or her team, with each other's best interests as well as your family's as your mutual focus, is equal parts secure and so freeing. 

The last light of sunset on an autumn afternoon in Daisy Hill Forest.

Pentax 645n|  Portra 400 and Ilford 3200