Hi there! 

I'm Renee. 

When I sat down to update my website after maternity leave with my last babies (yep, plural - twins!) I thought I’d leave my about page as it was, only adding two more names to the family list. But I’ve found that it was this page that needed the biggest re-write. Before anything else in life, I am Georgina, Jameson, Penelope and Scarlett's proud mama. < this sentence went on and on to include all of the other relationships in my life, but now, with my realisation that motherhood be central to my professional work, well, it’s fine that that sentence stops there. Being mama to these four beauties makes my world spin, it has changed not only me (in all the best possible ways) but it’s changed the focus of my work too.

With MOTHERHOOD at the heart, I now offer photography with a mama focus (which does not exclude any other member of the family as they all contribute to her mamahood), but now I write about motherhood at This Brave Heart Blog on this website (something I’d been censoring but wanting to do for a long time) and really excitingly, I now offer small business one-on-one coaching to mamas who want to change or grow the lay of their land to well support their family financially but to raise their children as in line with their parenting philosophy as possible.

Motherhood completely stole my heart ... I am distracted by conversations about it and other’s beautiful work supporting mothers from conception through pregnancy, birth and beyond. It’s exciting to have realised my own little niche amongst it all and leant right in to embrace the lot of it.

If you want to know more about any three of my motherhood focuses, click through to each page on this website (Photography, This Brave Heart, Business Coaching) or contact me to discuss it all some more, I’d love to chat about your plans.

Renee xx



Thank you Tennille Fink for our beautiful photos x

This is what my heart is filled up with, every single day.