My photography falls neatly into the lifestyle photography category, I believe that real moments - even the seemingly mundane and repetitive moments - trump forced 'cheese' smiles, tidy hair and matching clothes.  Hands down. 

We meet at a location that reflects the soul of your family - the beach, the mountains, your sunny living room floor, your big comfy bed - and I hover somewhere between fly on the wall and chatty next door neighbour (albeit with a camera to my face) while you love on each other with snuggles and tickles and building block towers and cooking and taking a time out to calm down and climbing and kissing and twirling and all of the rest of it. 

I shoot film predominately, so you won't have armfuls of photographs like you might expect, but you'll have well considered clicks of my camera shutter and most of you will walk away with beautiful, professionally printed photographs of your love story in your hands. 

It's absolutely magic...


Motherhood at the Heart of Family

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