Sprinkling Magic into The Ordinary

I don’t really need an excuse to plan a celebration or little get together, I don’t really need an excuse to choose joy instead of routine and the ‘have-tos’ in life. But having a reason, even a made up, frivolous kind of reason seems like lots of fun to me!


When I think of what makes a happy childhood, the big ticket things obviously come to mind first; family, security, respect, kind friends, a happy schooling experience. The things that excite me as a parent - and the things that I see my kiddies get excited over - are creating and building on traditions, leaning into conscious, warm ritual amongst the ‘have-tos’ in the everyday, and spontaneous, joy-filled moments that don’t take much effort at all.


Fresh made pikelets after school are always a winner here - for me as much as them, I love making them! Sending the kids outside to play in the rain while I run a warm bubble bath for them immediately afterwards is always, always loads of fun. Stopping for a fancy ice cream on the way home from school is really a no brainer, right?! 


This year I’m going to try to incorporate as many of the Day of The Year, made up sounding holidays as I can. (Check out www.daysoftheyear.com). Celebrations that are effortless and a source of loads of fun. It will hopefully also break me out of the mold of waiting for the weekend and not be dragged down by ‘it’s a school/work day’ mentaility. We’ve already celebrated International Bubble Bath day! We filled up the big tub, I put far too much bubble soap in the water and then called all of the kids to pile on in together.  It was fun, they loved it! It wasn’t without a few terse words from mama about knocking off the out and out silliness, or a baby slipping under the water for a split second, and the usual wrestle of the dry and dress dance afterwards was much the same as every other day. But it was fun, it was spontaneous and it’s just the kind of thing we all need to break up a working week.


I’m so looking forward to International Strawberry Icecream day next week!