52 Project - 2.52

Second week into this project and I'm enjoying it, but boy it makes the week fly by.  Back to my part time job today, which meant the kiddies were back to day care, thank goodness it's summer and we can spend a good hour outside in the afternoon eating ice-blocks, jumping on the trampoline and burning off the last of the days energy.

This week I photographed my first session for the year, wow!, if that session, that sweet family and the photographs we made together are anything to go by, then this year is going to be a truly wonderful one!  The session was booked as a Nourish - Milk Drunk Love Stories session for a super-star tandem feeding mama, but her boys had other ideas for our afternoon so we had fun hanging out together before they headed home the following day.  Here's hoping I can share a little of our afternoon together soon.

My sweet, determined, feisty four-year-old began her kindy year this week at day care, all of a sudden those four years seem to have flown and I feel her childhood swiftly replacing her baby/toddler/small-child hood.  I feel like I have to keep my eyes held open extra wide this year to take it all in.  Sometime I stare at her, amazed, and remind myself that I grew her in my body, and I am amazed further still. 

I still cuddle him to sleep every night, it's what he needs, and to be honest, I delight in it.  The nights when I feel I'd like to have my arms free I am quickly reminded that this too shall pass and he won't need to be wrapped up against me to fall asleep, and I will sorely miss it.  This week he has been curling his arm up and around my face as he falls asleep, tracing circles on my cheek with his little fingers.  Oh my heart. 

He follows her wherever she goes and obeys her every command happily.  When I was pregnant with him, a friend was assuring me that my heart would grow to allow space to love both children equally.  And more than that that I would discover a third love when the second is born, their love.  I adore it and am grateful they will always have each other. 

Thankful to be joining in with Jodi on this project, read more about how the project came about, here.

Renee x