Mama-to-be, Kristie

A group of Kristie's girlfriends brought a gift voucher for this pregnancy session as her baby gift. Of course I think it's a fabulous gift to give, especially for a woman's first pregnancy, when in the midst of it all you can never imagine you'd forget how it felt to be pregnant. My selling point to anyone umming and ahhing about having pregnancy portraits taken is that those portraits become infinitely more important the further away from pregnancy you get.  I look at the few I have framed around our house from both of my pregnancies and I am instantly transported to that precious state of being in full bloom with a new life on the verge of being born.

Our dear mutual friend, Dale, knew best and organized this gift for her friend. Kristie was well prepared for their son to be born, and was glowing like most first time mamas do.  These guys are hands down the most easy going couple I have ever worked with - it may be because I met them on an afternoon after they had returned from their wonderfully relaxing babymoon ;-)   Together we made some beautiful portraits of them and Kristie's perfect little baby bump.