Tilly - Seven Months

Purchasing a new-to-me camera that I had my eye on for some time was a bit of a thrill, but it was so much more fun to run some test rolls through it with some of my favourite people and clients.  You've seen miss Tilly here before, baking away at thirty-five weeks in mama's tum, but at seven months old now, this happy little cherub is delightful.  When I arrived at their home, Tilly was doing donuts in their living room in her walker - entertaining herself to no end.  I was pretty entertained too. 

After photographing two babies of this age in quick succession, the sitting up but not yet on the move age, reminded me how much I enjoy them!  Kids at this age are jolly - easily to laugh, great little snugglers and taking everything in with such a lovely sense of wonder.  I'm enjoying this age even more so than the really special newborn days - this age is all fun!  And boy can you see that written all over mama Megan's face - motherhood suits her so beautifully and as predicted, she is taking it all in her stride and revelling in these happy days. 

In-home mini sessions like this are a great option for little loves, like Tilly. It's quick - around 15 minutes of actual shooting time - and we have a pretty little set of photographs showing if Tilly in all her loveliness before she grew too bored me. This session is also a little bit of a moment in time placeholder.  We gave Tilly a couple of her favourite toys, which will be replaced before you know it by new favorites. The way stylist- mama Megan has dressed Tilly in a favoured gold sparkled outfit and the way Megan has styled her bedroom, are other subtle time keepers. When Tilly is an adult looking back on photographs like this, it will be those extra elements that add to her story of babyhood. 


2016 seasonal mini sessions dates are open for bookings now. Click through to the contact page to request more information. x 


Pentax 645n  |  Kodak Portra 400