Waiting for Squidge

My beautifully-spirited, hilarious friend Mardee and her adoring (and clearly, equally as hilarious) husband Pete met me in the Brisbane Botanical Gardens for the third in their series of three pregnancy portrait sessions, 22 days shy of their little darling's due date. 

There really is something about a woman at that point in her pregnancy, perhaps because she's a good friend, it seems more palpable with Mardee. Mardee is an easy person to be happy with, to have a truckload of fun with and laugh till your cheeks hurt. But there is a different version of joy beaming from her right now ... a heady combination of realising this dream about to come true and the ultimate version anticipation, I'm sure. As someone who cares for her happiness, it's an absolute joy to witness. It's a bigger honour to be entrusted with preserving this precious moment for her, a moment that will one day seem like it was just a blink of the eye. 

I wish I could take credit for all the gorgeous laughter in this set of photographs, but it's all them ... or all Pete. Laughter makes marriage go-round, right? They've got that in spades.  

Did I describe Pete as adoring? Well, this just confirms it all. I asked if there was something, in all three of their sessions that I've missed - speak now or forever hold your peace - Pete asked if we could recreate the final scene from the movie Notting Hill, so here it is. Their sweet version of 'happily ever after'.

You guys are rocking this life. Thank you for welcoming into your secret circle of becoming parents together, it's such a joy. I cannot wait to endlessly snuggle your little bundle of joy. x 


All except the last two frames, photographed on my Pentax 645n, with Portra 800 and the stunning 105mm lens. Developed an scanned by AllChromes, Brisbane.