Our Day at The Ekka

The Ekka, for those who don't know, is an annual 'bring the country to the city' fair/carnival/exhibition held smack bang in the middle of Brisbane. It's a day spent in the hot winter sunshine eating strawberry icecreams (worth the price of admission alone!) Dagwood dogs, fairy floss and giant rainbow lollipops. Wandering through the pavilions putting huge cows and pigs on display, visiting the baby animal nursery and countless displays of locals' crafts; baking, photography, handiwork. Large animals, woodchopping and cars on show in the main parade ground, dog and cat shows in sheltered pavilions. Side show alley buzzing with noise, lights, rides & games, crazy hats and inflatable, oversized baseball bats. And show bags, a crazy amount of show bags.

It had been over a decade since Chris and I had been to The Ekka, we've never been together.  Because Georgina is heading off to prep next year, we decided to take the day off to take her for the first time. We had a blast, her eyes were wide open in awe most of the time ... and our day ended with a Ferris wheel ride together before taking our tired little girl home, arms full of show bags and lots of stories for her little friends. 


On a day out like this, I'd usually just snap away on my iPhone, but I decided to challenge myself instead and took my film camera and two rolls of film - 48 frames. Slow down, don't shoot everything, remain 'in the moment' with my little family. It worked a dream, and I'll do it again in a heart beat. 


Nikon F4  |  Fuji Superia 800